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By The River

GOLF LINKS • Par 3 North Adelaide Golf Course - March 14th Fringe 2020

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

to all who have supported us these last 4 years. To the Rock Orchestra crew, these beautiful talented people have put in a mountain of work into making this show what it is today.

To all of you, our beautiful audience, who've come to our shows for the first time and those who've come time and time again. To the weather Gods who somehow have nailed perfect weather for us year after year.


Craig Dolman from Supersound for his tireless effort to deliver the BEST sound equipment money can buy.

Jack Arnold for his spectacular lighting show who spent hours designing the full show from start to finish.


Mark and his super efficient crew from Global Dance and Stage supplying us with professional staging equipment.


Adelaide City Council and the North Adelaide Golf Course who not only preserve our beautiful parklands but have been a huge support for us and just brilliant to deal with.


It's all of these people who have come together to help create our 2 hour show. It's nothing short of amazing!!! Please enjoy the photos and videos posted for all to see by one of our biggest fans Melissa Trevelion. 

Here's what the audience had to say;

Was recommended to me, was the best 2 hours I have spent in a long time..

amazing collection of artists to produce a superb show. 5 stars can't wait till the next one.

Ross Haddon

Long way from the first one at Norwood. Congrats on all your hard work and making something awesome.

Shaun Martin 

Great show last night and beautiful venue. Thank you! 👏🥁 🎤🎷🎻🤩

Michelle Clark 

Fabulous night as usual well done Eugene and the Rock Orchestra will be coming again 👍

Barbara DeAngelis 

Absolutely fantastic show - as always ❤ you guys are brilliant! Already looking forward to next time - thankyou for the music 💥

Carol Sullivan 

Thank you Yooj Eugene Russo for a wonderful evening xx

Lindsey Millikan 

Just brilliant Sarah........❤️

Vera Di Tore 

Awesome Show Again Last Night mate congratulations to all concerned cheers loved the Venue

Mark Mundy

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