Rock Orchestra

A 16pce ensemble of musicians from both Rock and Classical genres that are performing timeless classics - All live.

This is a family-friendly show that suits all ages and tastes. 

The Crew

Sarah Lloyde - Vocals

Eugene Russo - Vocals/Bass

Ben Whittington - Vocals/Guitar

Anthony Zillante - Guitar/Vocals

Hayden Ryan - Drums/Vocals

Charissa McCluskey - BVs

Nathan Bills - Bass

Quentin Eyers - Piano

Stephan Richter - Cello

Karen DeNardi - Violin/Viola

Sian Williams - Violin

Robin Anthony - Violin

Sharon Sales - Violin

Ashley Turner - Violin

James Deslandes - Sax/Flute

Simon Varga - Timpani/Percussion

Sarah Lloyde

Eugene Russo

Ben Whittington

Charissa McCluskey-Garcia

Anthony Zillante

Robin Anthony

Hayden Ryan

James Deslandes

Karen DeNardi

Nathan Bills

Stephan Richter

Sian Williams

Charissa McCluskey-Garcia The Clothesline say it looked and sounded perfect would be an understatement.

Teema Weekend Notes


How much better can it actually get? Not much, I reckon.

Julie Cavanagh Radio Adelaide 101.5


Just witnessed something special. 

Peter Lanyon Hi Fi Way : The Pop Chronicles

Sharon Sales

Quentin Eyers

Ashley Turner

Simon Varga

Special Thanks To...

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